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We work with many different insurance providers for your convenience. 

If you do not see your provider listed please contact us as we are always adding new providers.    



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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions  

Why do you need my medical and vision insurance information?  There are two types of insurance that cover eye exams, medical and vision insurance.  Lyons Family Eye Care must bill the appropriate insurance as legally directed.  

Vision insurance (VSP, EyeMed, etc) covers an annual vision exam for glasses and contacts when no medical eye complaint or problem exists. 

Medical insurance (BCBS, Medicare, etc) covers an exam when a medical eye complaint or problem exists.  Medical eye conditions include dry eyes, ocular allergies, eye infections, glaucoma, cataracts, etc.

Although the examination that you receive may be the same or similar to previous visits, the reason for the exam and the doctor’s diagnosis dictate how we must bill our patients.

Therefore, if you come in for an annual exam with a medical concern such as dry eyes or any other medical diagnosis your medical insurance must be billed.  If you come in for annual exam with no complaints or blurry vision which is due to old glasses your vision insurance must be billed.

What is a refraction fee?  A refraction is a test to determine how well a person sees.  This is the test most commonly known by the question “What looks better number one or two.”  Refractions may be necessary to diagnosis certain eye conditions.  Therefore, if you have a medical problem your visit must be billed to your medical insurance which may or may not cover a refraction.

How much does my insurance cover towards glasses?  If you have vision insurance for glasses they usually take off a percentage of the total cost.  Please contact your insurance company to determine your specific coverage.