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Contact Lenses

At Lyons Family Eye Care we use only the highest quality contact lenses and fit them to your visual demands as well as your lifestyle needs.  All of our contact lens patients receive a one on one doctor consultation, trial lenses, and our unmatched ExSeed guarantee.

We provide you with a multitude of contact lens options including:

Soft Contact Lenses:  Our one-day, two week or one month disposable lenses are designed for health, comfort and convenience.  They’re perfect for the occasional or full-time wearer, and are also available in toric and multifocal designs.  Some brands are even FDA-approved for continuous, overnight wear.  Also, we offer an array of safe use color contact lenses for both athletic and cosmetic purposes. 
Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses:  RGP contact lenses are durable, resilient lenses that can lead to incredibly clear and crisp vision.  We also use these contacts to treat some forms of eye disease.  As with all our lenses these come with our unmatched ExSEEd guarantee! 
Our ExSEEd Guarantee:  At Lyons Family Eye Care, we stand behind our prescription and lenses.   After your one on one consultation with Dr. Lyons about your contact lens wear, we’ll provide you with a pair of trial contact lenses fit to your specifications for a trial period.  After this initial trial, if you and Dr. Lyons are satisfied with the lenses, we’ll order your lenses and will remain available to you to answer any questions and make any necessary adjustments—for a full 90 days!  At Lyons Family Eye Care, we want you to experience being 20/HAPPY with the right lens, prescription, and healthy eyes. 
We want you to purchase your contact lenses from us with confidence, and if your prescription changes or lenses become intolerable we will reimburse you for any unopened boxes of contact lenses that you have purchased from Lyons Family Eye Care. That’s our ExSEEd guarantee!   Please contact us if you have any questions.