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Through the InfantSEE® program Lyons Family Eye Care is helping infants to establish a lifetime of healthy vision.

Cooing, sitting up, and crawling are signs that a baby is growing. Infants vision has stages of development, but this process rarely has visible signs. Lyons Family Eye Care and the American Optometric Association encourage parents to include a trip to the optometrist on the list of well-baby check-ups. Assessments at six to twelve months of age can determine healthy development of vision. Early detection of eye conditions is the best way to ensure a baby has healthy vision for successful development-now and in the future.

Lyons Family Eye Care is a proud supporter of InfantSEE®, a public health program, managed by Optometry’s CharityTM designed to ensure that eye and vision care becomes an integral part of infant wellness care to improve a child’s quality of life. Under this program, AOA optometrists provide a comprehensive eye and vision assessment for infants within the first year of life regardless of a family’s income or access to insurance coverage.

To learn more about this program please Contact Us or visit the InfantSEE® website.

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