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Eye doctor of the FUTURE!! I kept saying that over and over while we were there! Wow, this place is filled with some amazing technology and modern decor. However, the most impressive part was Dr. Stephanie Lyons. She’s a rock star. Not only does she spend time on the South Side, Honduras and Ecuador doing community eye care work, she has established a North Side family eye care center that is amazing.

My three year old son had his first eye appointment and Dr. Lyons  knew exactly how to keep him calm and happy while doing the exam. She was thorough and confident. She communicated very effectively to both my son and to us, his parents. We left with no questions unanswered and took home relevant medical information. She’s on top of her game!!

I had an exam and she was equally calming in her approach to my care. Hey, I get scared at the doctors office too! She flowed effortlessly between my appointment and my sons, switching gears like a pro.

I highly recommend this practice. Oh and her husband runs the front of the house and he’s a peach. He did all the nitty gritty insurance PI work. He is great at what he does as well!!

Other tips:
They have a kids table with toys and games, always a bonus
Awesome sunglasses and frame selection
They take most insurance and John will help you figure out your coverage
It’s right by Wishbone. Added bonus
She has DVDs for the kids to watch while she’s looking around their eyes
Sticker and treats as well.


Lyons Family Eye Care has a wonderful office and very attentive staff.

I had a scratched eye emergency before an international honeymoon trip and, with no appointment, Dr. Lyons saw me immediately and got me out the door in time to pick up a prescription and make my flight.  She followed up with me via e-mail while I was gone to monitor my condition and has provideded great follow-up care since.

If you need eye care, glasses, or sunglasses, then you should check out Lyons Family Eye Care.


John and the entire staff were so helpful. The only improvement I would recommend would be to open more clinics in other Chicago neighborhoods.


I had my yearly check up yesterday and went to Lyons Family Eye Care after reviewing several practices recommended by my insurance.  I must say, Dr. Lyons was the best eye doctor I have ever seen.  It was just a simple exam, but she clearly explains everything that she is doing and why, which is nice since the other Dr.’s I’ve seen just look at your eyes from every angle then give you a diagnosis at the end.  The office is very nice, clean, and friendly.  I think I’ve finally find a practice I’ll be happy to return to.


Wonderful place!  I had found them through reading reviews on yelp before I went in and definitely agreed that they were great!

Walking in the first time it felt so home like.  Hopefully you like dogs, because there are two of the cutest dogs just chilling on the couches or roaming around.  They are super sweet and don’t bother you unless you want to give them attention.  The staff at the front were so helpful and nice.

Dr. Lyons was great!  She is super sweet and I really felt comfortable talking to her.  I’m 26 years old and I had decided it was time for me to finally get contacts.  So they had to teach me how to put my contacts in.  I felt so bad for the girl (who I forgot her name…sorry!) who sat there for over an hour watching me try and fail over and over again, but she stuck there with me and never once seemed bored or frustrated with me.  I really appreciated it as I was extrememly frustrated with myself not being able to get those darn things in.  Finally got them in!

I’ve been back a few times for contact check ups and one minor eye irritation.  Every time it was always a great experience.

As far as expense goes…I did not think it was overly drastic.  Although I also don’t have much to compare to.  I did not get frames for my new glasses so I’m not sure on pricing there.  I was able to keep the frames I had and they put the new prescription in.  I got to order my contacts and within about 4 days they were in.  Not too shabby.

Would highly recommend!


I have never had such a good experience at any doctor’s office. I couldn’t believe how friendly and helpful everyone was, and the examination was more thorough than any eye examination I have ever had before.


I never have posted a review before but felt I had to in this case. Best Eye Care office I have ever been to.  Great new office with all newer technology. Great selection of frames as well.  Best part was the staff.  Dr. Lyons and all of her staff were very friendly, professional and helpful. Thorough exam and when purchasing new frames I received great service and excellent recommendations.


I was in dire need of some new contacts…I don’t think anyone should be wearing 2 week disposables for 4 months. Oops.  I headed here since it was close to where I live, had good reviews, and I was able to get appointment very quickly.

I had a really good experience .  The office itself is bright, comfortable, and well decorated.  I work in healthcare IT, so I geeked out a little over the exam equipment – so fancy!  The staff is friendly.  I decided to get new glasses, and they helped me pick out a pair that I love!  Dr. Lyons is also great.  I liked how she explained everything she was doing as she carried out the exam.

Good people, nice place. I definitely recommend it!


I am not one of those typical ‘get my eyes checked every year’ type of people. I’ll admit it might be well over 10 years since I had my eyes checked. Over the past two years a have noticed a slight decrease in my vision. When Lyons Family Eye Care opened, I had walked past a couple times and it didn’t seem like your typical cookie cutter or high end eye exam places.

My work benefits had recently changed and thought it might be a good time to get my eyes checked. I called and spoke with John on my coverage, he made sure I knew what to expect if and when it came to billing. The cost seem to be reasonable so I made an appointment ,but was a bit nervous they were going to try to talk me into getting glasses that I might not really need.

On the day of the appointment, I was running a bit late and called to see if they could still see me and were nice to fit me in on their schedule. My appointment went smooth and I must admit technology has really changed since I had my eyes checked last. It happened that I was actually in need of some lens and my eyes had changed significantly over the past years. Now I can see my computer screen in my chic new frames. Which by the way looked great on me (if I do say so myself) and my wallet looked even better! Props to a nice, warm, neighborhood place with genuinely friendly and helpful staff. See ya next year!


Intelligent, cool staff.
Very comprehensive eye exam.
Awesome selection of frames.


When I shop for frames, I like to pour over every possible choice there is. I have never been receptive to a sales person’s suggestions. I appreciate that the lady at the front desk was receptive to my request for space and privacy in frame hunting rather than supervised searching.


Your staff is awesome.  My kids feel super welcome and confident when we go to go to Dr. Stephanie.  Even the dogs are super with the kids.  Thanks a lot for your warm environment.  PS: Once in a while my kids stop by to say hi to the dogs!


Great place, great people, great story. It’s nice to know that family owned businesses can still flourish in this fair city we call Chicago.  I would recommend this place to all.  Great people to do business with!  Thanks again!


So so so happy!!! We had 3 kids at our appointment and it was soooo smooth!!! The kids LOVED the dogs, too!! Thank you!!!


I’m so grateful to have found a good eye doctor in this city. I have terrible vision and hate going to the eye doctor, so I’m glad to have found someone I can trust.

First, any place that has two friendly and adorable dogs hanging out is okay by me. Lucky and Chance are super gentle and would be good with kids. John, the business manager, is super nice and helpful when you’re trying to pick out glasses. As I don’t think I look good in any glasses and would have been completely helpless picking them out on my own (plus, my eyes were dilated at the time), I really appreciated his assistance. He also took the time to call my insurance company and figure out what they would cover for my new frames and lenses, and when I needed an itemized statement a few weeks later, he emailed it to me immediately after I called.

Dr. Stephanie Lyons was very professional while still being friendly, and the eye exam was quick and painless (she also used some very cool new technology for the exam that I hadn’t seen before). I could say more, but I would just end up ranting about the other eye doctors I’ve had in Chicago, and that seems unnecessary. This was the first time since leaving my childhood optometrist that I haven’t been totally freaked out at the eye doctor, and that’s kind of amazing.


Dr. Lyons and her husband John have done something really special with their modern Lakeview office. Despite the high-tech environment they’ve created, there is a very old-world philosophy behind their practice – Caring. You get the feeling from start to finish that they are committed to their patients in a way that is unrivaled by their competition. Let’s face it, Chicago has an abundance of eye care doctors, boutiques, salons – take your pick. Lyons stands out in a crowd because they truly believe in what they do. They have created a customer for life.


Thank you for adjusting my old frames.  Thank you for not pushing additional products. 


I now live in the building above Lyon’s Eyecare.  Last year, I was looking for a local, non-chain eye doctor.  When I saw Lyon’s Eyecare, I knew I had to try it out.  I had such a fantastic experience.  Dr. Lyons is really great to work with.  It was a breeze to make an appointment.  The actual appointment went really well.  I typically hate going to the eye doctor due to the dilation and ALL OF THE QUESTIONS (1 or 2, 2 or 3, 1 or 3…. Ahhhh I don’t know!)  Dr. Lyons is such a terrific eye doctor.  She fully explained everything to me, and she was incredibly thorough.  Also, the office is run incredibly well.  Dr. Lyon’s husband runs the office, and he is so nice.  He’s very easy to talk to and make the paper work process a breeze.  I highly recommend Lyon’s Eyecare!


From the minute you walk in the door, you know this is not your typical eye care clinic. You are greeted by two friendly Schnoodle  dogs that are a  fixture to the clinic. The business manager, John is quite friendly and professional. He can help you with anything from insurance to managing his Optician job. Dr. Stephanie Lyons is quite a polished, professional herself. Through my whole exam which was quick and efficient, she informed me of what procedure see was performing and what the results were as she was observing them. At the end of the exam I had no questions because she explained everything throughout the exam. The office is very clean and kid friendly. Many great frames to choose from. You will not be disappointed with this family friendly practice.


I’ve never had a more pleasant experience to the optometrist! Everything was professional, thorough, quick, and everyone is always so pleasant at Lyons Family Eye Care.


I had a great experience with Lyons Family Eye Care!   Dr. Lyons is very knowledgeable and pleasant to interact with.  I also found the staff to be really helpful in the frame selection process, which is rare.  For the first time, I was actually successful at finding frames that fit my face.  I’ve been to every major optometry chain and many of the smaller boutique practices in the city searching for frames, and I always end up settling for something that I’m not crazy about.  I was thrilled to find that they do actually make cute frames for women with wider faces!  Lyons has something for everyone, the service is outstanding, and the optometrist is great with patients.  5 stars!


Lyons Family Eyecare provided me with a great experience for my daughters first eye exam.  Dr. Stephanie Lyons not only explains everything in great detail, but also has all of the latest equipment.  My daughter was actually watching a movie between procedures which kept her calm.  They have a great little play area for the kids to stay busy while the parents are have exams as well.

John Lyons was very helpful in picking out frames and helping me through the entire process.  Overall this business will be here for a long time with such great owners actually running the store.

One last praise in that Doctor Lyons taught me to put contacts into my eye in minutes a task that a lot of others have tried unsuccessfully.  This is a life changer as I have had glasses since I was in 3rd grade and have a whole new outlook on life.  I am buying sunglasses for the first time in my life this summer.

Thanks Dr. Lyons and John for everything it was a great experience.


I had a great experience at LFEC.  They had state of the art equipment from checking me on the Ipad to machinery that I had not seen at other eye care providers   The space is very cool.   Dr. Lyons explained everything that she did and took time to answer a few questions that I had.  They processed my insurance efficiently and ordered my contacts right away.   Will definitely be back in a year and will bring in my daughters when they need to come in for school checkups.


I am new to Chicago so it was stressful enough to be in a new city but your staff made me feel at ease.  Dr. Lyons was great and explained everything quite well.  I will be moving my family here very soon and Dr Lyons will be our eye doctor.


I was very pleased about the services that not only I received, but that my 6.5 year old son did as well.  We have already recommended your establishment to many friends!  We will definitely be back!


Let me tell you about these guys.  They set me up with the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses that exceeded my expectations and look great too.

I work indoors and out every day and work with a number of chemicals that could cause permanent damage to my eyes (sulfuric acid and silver nitrate among others).  LFEC’s challenge was to find me a pair of glasses I could wear all day long.  Not only did they come through, the glasses look amazing.  I get compliments all the time.

Dr. Lyons actually LISTENS to her patients and LFEC followed through to make sure I was completely satisfied with my glasses.  I’d recommend LFEC for anyone that demands excellence because LFEC has a cozy relationship with it.


Amazing business!  Great family feel!  I love this place!

Last spring I had visited this shop in search of some sunglasses.  I was taking a class near their location and was intrigued by their fun-looking storefront.  The staff was extremely friendly, and the store was so clean and cute!  I walked out with a great pair of sunglasses, and was very impressed with every aspect of my experience there.

A few weeks ago I was in search of another pair of sunglasses.  I ended up back at Lyons Family Eye Care and not only found the perfect sunglasses, but also a new pair of prescription glasses for everyday wear.  I couldn’t be happier and just love all the great glasses they have to choose from.  I would definitely recommend this place to anyone interested in great service, a friendly and fun optometrist and staff, and a fun welcoming atmosphere.  No more generic eye care shops for me!  This place is my favorite!


Lyons Family Eye Care is wonderful!  From the warm and knowledgeable demeanor of the staff, the efficiency with which they collect your initial information (on an Ipad and very simple), the way Dr. Lyons consulted with me about my eye health AND the awesome selection of eyewear….they truly stand out. I’ve already recommended Lyons to friends who want a great eye doctor and I plan to keep doing so- very impressive!


This is a great eye doctor! Forms on iPad. Cute dogs hanging out. Front desk ladies are super nice. Dr. Stephanie was amazing with my 4yo. If you have kids this is the place you should take them to. Used shapes instead if letters. Had them watch a movie while she examined his eyes. Very very kid friendly. When I go to chain places (ie Americas Best) I feel like all they care about is selling you glasses weather you need then or not. Here they actually care. Love it!


I’ve always been apprehensive about going to the eye doctor because my experience with other offices haven’t been so great. Some doctors or opticians aren’t very patient. At least one eye doctor made me feel ashamed for having bad eyesight and a prescription that is likely to change from checkup to checkup. I know my eyesight is bad, but I don’t need to have other people make me feel ashamed for that, as if I meant to do this to myself or that it’s my own fault that this happened. I think these experiences of being shamed into feeling bad about myself and my bad eyesight, over the years, has made me become apprehensive about getting my eyes checked.

I think Dr. Lyons and her staff are the best. I didn’t know what to expect this time around, but everyone was so friendly, pleasant and helpful. Any apprehension or nervousness I had about my eye exam disappeared when I saw how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Not a single person was rude to me. Not a single person made me feel ashamed about my eyesight. On the contrary–this truly was the most pleasant eye exam I’ve ever had. I’ve been telling my friends and family that if any of them need an eye exam, they should come here. This truly is the best place to go. 🙂


I only write reviews if I think a business is definitely truly exceptional and Lyons Family eye care is one such place. I used to just go the LensCrafters route for my eye are. Honestly LensCrafters is just the TGIFridsys or Chilli’s of eye care. I was just shuffled along there no questions and was given a prescription. Lyons Family Eyecare was Alinea by comparison. I felt welcomed the second I walked in. The doctors and staff were extremely professional but they were also genuinely nice people. Since I felt like they cared more, I asked more questions than I her have in an eye exam before and really felt better about my eye Heath and eye sight as a result. They took my insurance and most other types as well. If you want a world class eye care experience and live in Chicago, Lyons family eye care is the place for you!


They’re great: friendly, take my insurance, have pricing transparency. Just want you to see well and protect the health of your eyes. No surprise why their patients are so loyal.


What a great experience! Lyons combines the latest technologies with warm, welcoming personalities. The exam was extremely thorough and I felt very comfortable asking questions and for clarification several times throughout the exam. Though my appointment was close to the end of their day, I never felt rushed or that the team was disengaged.

I’m so glad that I found Lyons Family Eye Care! Make an appointment – you’ll be glad you did!


Lyons Family Eye Care is the best place I have been in Chicago to get my eyes checked. The office is very warm and inviting and the staff is all very friendly. Everyone who works there really seems to like each other and they are making fun jokes and connecting with clients. My eye exam was very fast and they didn’t waste anytime. I have been other places where it feels it takes 30 minutes to wait between each test. Another thing I liked is that they don’t force to ‘upsell’ you or get you to buy the most expensive items. It’s all about what is best for you and how they can help you! My husband referred me here because its location is right next door to where we live, but I will continue to go back because of the service!


EXTREMELY friendly staff and doctor. Great service and care. They have the latest technology. The whole place is clean, bright and well organized. Doctor Lyons was professional and down to earth. She let me know in plain terms what was wrong and what my options were.
I would recommend them to anyone.


Great selection of glasses and wonderful help picking them. Thorough eye exams for kids and adults. The doctors are happy to answer questions and explain complicated vision issues in as simple terms as possible.  Very accommodating with insurance and payment options for vision therapy.